What obstacles are stopping you from moving forward in your life RIGH NOW?

Whether you’re a stay a home mom, entrepreneur, business professional, leader, business executive or just want to achieve more in your personal life… This FREE webinar will give you the insight and confidence you need to get up and go after every dream, desire and goal inside of you.  I will share my successes and even my failures with you during this FREE webiar.

Hey! What’s stopping you?  It’s FREE!

YOU’LL LEARN… how to overcome setbacks, obstacles and gain confidence to achieve your goals more efficiently and effectively.

YOU’LL LEARN… how to identify your ‘I can’t mindset and “it won’t work” blockers…


YOU’LL LEARN… effective organization systems to help you maximize your personal and professional life.

YOU’LL GET… action steps to target your goals and impact your world with confidence.

“Self-discipline is a major factor in your journey to staying focused, meeting goals and achieving success.” ~Veverly Austin

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PS. I’ll be teaching from my Confident Living workbook so you definitely want to get it! If you’re tired of “going through the motions” this hands-on workbook includes activities that will help guide you past your obstacles and gain confidence needed to achieve what you want in life!


DO THE WORK!  You can have your dream life!

Plan to achieve your DREAM LIFE by focusing on one thing at a time…  My challenge to you, keep your word to yourself for the next 10 days. Improve your self-discipline by being consistent, choose one goal to focus on. Once you set a goal, discipline is a must and the more you work at it the more it will grow. Every achievement big or small will help you meet bigger and bigger goals.

New Mindset New Results

10-day challenge

Follow these simple rules everyday for 10-days starting Sunday, February 21st

  • Choose ONE task and commit to doing it every day for 10 days in a row. (Use your Confident Living Target as an additional tool)
  • When you complete your task for the day, take a photo of it and post it on Instagram with the hashtag #ConfidentLivingGRChallenge
  • Do this every day for 10 days.


Why the emphasis on choosing ONE task?

Well, the focus of this challenge is not to simply “overhaul” your life but to break the cycle of broken promises to yourself.

P.S. – Don’t forget to post a picture representing you completing today’s assignment on Instagram! (You don’t have to post anything to personal, just something that signifies you’re following along with the challenge.) Use the hashtag #ConfidentLivingGRChallenge 

12540672_10205661875050654_7340345292101591380_nThe more pics you post the more chances your name will go into a drawing for free items.