“Learn how to ignite your passion, grow your mindset, stay on track, and get the encouragement you need to set goals and achieve successful confident living”

Austin-7859Many of you are just like me and you get completely stressed out with all the mental steps to do.  Like me, you stop and start over more times than you care to count.

The average person gets hundreds of ideas a day.  Some of those ideas can bring great joy and life transformation to many.  Some of those ideas can make you a whole lot of money.  What do you do with an idea once you get it? I will help you focus on a BIG idea and help you begin the steps to bring that idea to life.

I will help you align and refine your goals with your purpose. Most of the time our BIG idea is not the problem, we are!  The real issue is not about the idea. The real issue is about overcoming FEAR and the obstacles that we allow to hinder us from DOING IT!

After today! No more saying “As soon as I can just FIGURE OUT HOW to do this, I’ll be unshakable.  “No more saying, “If I could only FIGURE OUT what I’m supposed to do next, I’ll…” 

With tremendous confidence in you,


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Veverly Austin and Low Self Esteem!Veverly Austin and Low Self Esteem!