Austin-7754cVeverly Austin grew up on the South Side of Chicago, fought low self-esteem growing up and overcame the setbacks in her life by using them as setups to achieve her dreams.  She is the first in her family to receive her MBA, which she received from University of Illinois at Chicago.  In 2014, she completed her second Master’s Degree in Urban Ministry Leadership from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary.

Veverly is the founder of Girl, Get Your Fight Back Inc., an organization that challenges and equips women and teen girls to regain control of their lives, mind, body and spirit. As a teacher, Veverly has used her personal journey to confidence as a tool to help teen girls and adults alike overcome low self-esteem.  She has been the liaison for Blue Cross and Blue Shield West Michigan’s Let’s talk Health program in the faith based community for several years. She also organizes and provides free health symposiums involving prominent african american health doctors in our community.  Each symposium is designed to empower and educate women in the urban community mentally and physically. Through her partnership with Metro Health Hospital, Veverly has led community health fairs providing free screenings, educational materials, Zumba and yoga classes, and discussed the importance of mental health to over 300 attendees.

She is the founder and creative director of Rock’n the Runway, a fashion show in support of  Breast Cancer Awareness in the urban community. RTR also gives back to those affected by this disease. Veverly works closely organizations such as, Blue Cross and Blue Shield West Michigan, GRAAHI, Spectrum Health, Mercy Health and the fashion community at large to raise breast cancer awareness and empower the urban Grand Rapids community to take charge of their overall health.  Proceeds from RTR enabled her to  provided free educational resources and recommended free breast health services to eligible community members. She has provided Breast Cancer survivors free photo shoots, makeovers and the opportunity to rock the stage in front of over 400 people yearly  to enhance their confidence during their time of tragedy.

Veverly is the creator and designer of Confident Wear, a top quality clothing line for women, teen girls and young girls.  She developed this line to breed confidence in everyone who wears her designs.  Veverly has continuously demonstrated she is an innovative businesswoman who understands the power of community collaborations to achieve exceptional results. She is developing her 7 year old daughter in her footsteps as she mentors her to launch her own girls apparel business.  She actively encourages teen girl to pursue entrepreneurial thinking and habits.

She is the president and founder of Confident Living, a program committed to helping  men & women get unstuck. Her passion is helping unpack dreams, ignite passions, and grow mindsets, develop business strategies and align it all with personal purpose.  Veverly teaches you how to stay on track, to set goals and achieve successful confident living.

Veverly is the wife of Jathan K. Austin , mother of four, Assistant Pastor of a thriving ministry, One Church Empowerment Center (formerly Bethel Abundant Life Center).  She is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Inc. and Greater Grand Rapids Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Inc.  She is a highly sought after speaker both nationally and internationally. Veverly targets transformational thinking because she truly believes we all are the sum total of our thoughts.


Veverly Austin and Low Self Esteem!Veverly Austin and Low Self Esteem!

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